Privacy Policy

Speedy Traffic is committed to protecting your privacy.

Speedy Traffic will never sell, rent, or lease any information contained in your
membership profile.
Information obtained about you for the purpose of creating your Speedy Traffic membership
shall be used only for the purpose of maintaining and updating your membership, as well as direct email
contact from Speedy Traffic and your Speedy Traffic referrer.
You will receive member mailings from other members as a member, however these mailings are sent through
the system and the senders do not have access to your actual e-mail address.
You are free to cancel your account and stop receiving member mailings at any time.
You also have the ability to send member mailings to random members of our membership,
and it is your choice to use your own personal e-mail address in your email content.

Speedy Traffic reserves the right to investigate using any and all means necessary,
should there be reason to believe unauthorized transactions are processed in your name.
We will then take every precaution possible to protect our members from identify theft
both here at Speedy Traffic and elsewhere.

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